Total Cost to Join Cruise Ship - Expenses Which You Have To Bear First

Total Cost to Join Cruise Ship

In this post, I will share with you how much money you need to keep with you basically how much money you need if you want to join a cruise ship.

How much it is going to cost you, how much expenses are going to come in the documentation charges. Hey guys, this is Akshay Kumar, and welcome back to the new post. This post is on-demand and in this post, I will share with you how much it is going to cost you if you are planning to join a cruise ship well guys I will keep all the things apart from your interview process and everything.  I'm just keeping all those things apart. 

In this post, I will just talk about documentation and basically, the complete charges expenses which are going to come which you have to bear them for the first time but later on some of them they are going to be reimbursed on the cruise ship when you go and join but from the first time you have to put that money from your pocket. Let me share that I'm assuming you are a ship lover and you wants to work on ship so yes let's get started. 


The very first thing is guys if he wants to go abroad, the first thing is required which is a Passport. Well, guys and the passport you have two options, you can prepare a passport giving 1500 rupees and 2000 rupees there is no difference at all. The only difference will come off pages but I would like to recommend you you are making your passport go for 60 pages because in just 500 rupees costs you will get some more pages so it will help you out but I recommend go for 60 pages it is better. 


Now after the passport you will do STCW courses. Now as the course charges are different depending on the basic location you are living, but it goes around 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. Alright, so you keep that now first thing 2000 for a passport. Now let's take a round figure of 16,000 for STCW. and the list of DG approved Institute's where you can complete the STCW courses I will give you down below.

Click Here For DG Approved Marine Institutes


Now guys, before you're going for an STCW make sure you go and do your medical test. For this go to any of the DG shipping approved doctors and the list of dg shipping approved doctors I will give you below. Alright, always complete all your course documentation from the approved Institute which is approved by the Director-General of Shipping India. So, after you STCW Courses you will do a CDC which is Continuous Discharge Certificate, which is basically a seafarers identity document. You have to make that and you have to apply for that, but you can apply only after completing STCW courses and you will need one basically medical Certificate for Indian CDC from an approved doctor you just go to a doctor and they will give you a medical they will do your test. Basically, they are going to see your eyes and your height and weight and you're some physical fitness and they will give you a certificate which will cost you 1000 rupees.

Click Here For DG Approved Doctors

Then after this, you will be required to conduct a Medical Examination which is a complete body test and it will cost you around 5500 to 6000 rupees. It depends and along with it you have to take an injection of yellow fever vaccination which has a lifetime validity. So, it is basically had costed me around 300 rupees and which I had conducted in Delhi RML hospital if I'm not wrong, so, in the sense you have to complete this medical from a DG Approved doctors only.

And guys if something is wrong with your body, you cannot join a ship It is that simple as if something is wrong in your medical you will be asked to fix yourself & you will be given a medication that means whatever you wants to do you can fix yourself unless your medical is clear you cannot join a ship It is that simple. So, if you have a colorblind sorry you cannot join you have to fix yourself first of all, basically guys there are so many of restrictions in the medical and you have to take care of yourself.

C1D VISA(Crew member In Transit)

Now after these guys you will be asked to apply for a visa which is a C1D visa(Crew member in transit) which you have to apply in a US Embassy. There is an application that will be filled out basically from agencies mostly but agencies that give you the option you can apply for that. The cost will be around 11,500 rupees for a visa, you add up these costs

PCC(Police Clearance Certificate)

 Then after this, you will need to make a PCC which is a police clearance certificate and it will cost you 500 rupees mostly if you make it from a Passport Office but if you make it from the local Police Station, then it should not cost you not more than 200 rupees basically. So by these are the expenses for the documentation which you have to bear. 


And guys if you are applying for any of the Cruise Line which does not Provide a flight tickets for the first time to their crew members. Then you have to bear the charges of the flight tickets as well there are some cruise lines like Carnival, they do not provide mostly flight tickets to the first flyer basically to the crew member who is joining a ship for the first time but then from the next time they will give you a flight ticket but don't worry your money for a flight ticket they will reimburse when you join a cruise ship, but for the first time, you have to bear those charges and to join a ship basically to fly from India to USA it can cost you up to 50,000 rupees depending on the charges that are going on. 

So you might have to pay around 50,000 is to book the flight okay. So, these are charges you have to bear and if the company does not provide flight ticket then you have to take care of your transportation as well from airport to to the hotel, whatever the hotel the company provided to you for the stay for the night and the next in the morning you will join a cruise ship. So these are the some expenses which you have to bear and then apart from it if you are going on a cruise ship and definitely you have to do a shopping you will require so much of stuff.

There are no charges apart from it and there is no such thing as the agency charges nothing if you are going through a legal process. There are no charges apart from it and all of these charges will be reimbursed on a cruise ship. So basically you pay zero rupees to join a cruise ship. 

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