US VISA Interview Questions & Answers


US VISA Interview Questions & Answers

US VISA Interview Questions & Answers

If you are planning to face any of the US visa interview in the coming of the future then you must watch read this blog because I have faced it & I have cracked a US visa interview and I know what are questions being asked when you go to give a US visa interview.

I will share with you some scenario basically what exactly happens over there so you will be familiar with the situation which are going to come to you. keep Reading Hey guys, this is Akshay Kumar Welcome back guys. about a US visa interview question and answers and I know It is one of the most requested topic which I receive on the Instagram because they want to prepare for it. I know there are so many people who are scared from the US visa interview but trust me it is not something which you think of it is really very quite easy.

I will share with you that but if you want to talk to me personally, my Instagram ID link is given down in the description below. You can follow me out there and you could ask me your personal questions. So let's get started. So, guys, before I reach on the question and answers basically let me just give you a very quick scenario, what is going to happen with you when you apply for a US visa interview like suppose when you apply for a US Visa basically. 

Overview Scenario

So you will have two appointments Yes, first appointment you will have with the VISA Application Center, which will take hardly take your half an hour you just go to that office and there there are so many of counters & there people are sitting out there, they will just cross verify your passport, they will take your biometric and they will give you one token and you are done with that they don't ask you anything else. All right. Then next day is your proper US Visa interview where you are going to face a US counsulate then there you go to that office. And then basically you go through a security checkup and then you see how very big hall and there's so many of chairs are kept and you sit one of them and whenever your turn comes, you will go to the US consulate. Alright, so that's how it goes. 

US VISA Interview Questions & Answers

Now let's talk about US visa interview question and answers. 

Question 1: In case of emergency whom you will contact or Where will you go? 

Really important question. See, guys, the answer of this question is already mentioned in your LOE, which is your letter of employment? Yes. Open your letter of employment. And if you go through your letter of employment, trust me, most of the questions which I'm going to share with you they are already mentioned in your letter of employment. Yes. And the address of your headquarters of the company is already mentioned in the letter of employment. That's what you need to tell. T

Question 2: Why do you require or why do you need a C1D visa or a US visa?

They might can ask. So now guys over here means they already know you are applying for a job to work on a ship. But still they are going to ask you because you must know the answer. And here you can answer since my ship will be cruising into a US water. I required a US visa or I required a C1D visa. That's how you can say okay, keep it nice and simple. And never never be in a confusion. Whatever question they asked you never answer I will think about it. I don't know. No. 

Question 3: What is going to be your salary? 

So I told them my salary is going to be this much dollars per month. 

All right, next question. So now guys, these two top portions are coming, which is a trap questions. And if you get confused, or if you answer wrong in these questions, these are the most means questions which I came across so many of people's on the Instagram, they contact me and they said they were rejected for a US visa interview. And when I asked them what question was asked, and what did they reply, trust me, they were trapped. eight out of 10 they were trapped in these two questions.

Question 4: Why you wants to go and work on a cruise ship or why you wants to work on a ship?

Well guys here, there is no such thing you are going to answer in a salary. Never do that. No, Never say I'm getting a higher salary as compared to here. That's why I'm going no guys don't do that. The moment you do this, trust me. Next question is coming straight forward to you. And that question will stuck you & your visa. But let me say what you're going to answer. never mentioned any of the salary. We know that and even they know that we are going for a salary there. But no, you don't have to mention a salary as a figure. You don't have to mention salary as a key point to Join a ship. What you can say is I like to explore the things and it was my dream job to work in a cruise ship basically, I like the way the ship goes from here to there from one country to different country and the way we explored the things and I will get a chance to work with a different different people, it will help me to enhance my skills. So that's how you need to answer this question. 

Never mentioned any of the salary figures even I did not mention right. So now even if you answer as a salary means I'm going there for a salary because I'm getting a good salary you know, what question will come to you.

Question 5: What if any of the person offers you a higher salary job into USA Will you accept it? 

So now guys, if you say no, you are stuck, if you say yes, you are stuck, why? Because in the earlier question, you said you are going for a salary so now here US Counselors will have a doubt on you. And immediately trust me, they won't think because they get hundreds of people every day. They won't think about you & simply will be rejected, because salary is the key point money is the key point and they will think you will do anything for our money that's a very bad thing all right. And even though if this question is asked to you simply say No sir, I already have a job which I dreamed for and this is what job I wanted to achieve in my life, I will not accept any of the offer even if it is offered to me with the highest salary.

Alright, you have to say this line guys it is very important. Never say no, I will think about it or I will accept it You said these words. You are rejected on the spot trust me you will be rejected because it is really very important and a very big responsibility towards US Consulate has is those peoples who go to USA that they must return to their countries. Because so many of people's & most of the people sometimes it has been reported is people go there and never returned. So it's a burden for the government over there. Alright, it is really very important. 

Now some questions regarding your qualification some questions regarding your education and some questions regarding our documents which are required to work they might can be asked to you because one of the questions was asked to me.

Question 6: Do you have your Indian CDC (Continous Discharge certificate)?

So I was having it so I said yes I do have it but those peoples who does not have it. So you can say yes sir I applied for it. Okay

Question 7: What is your qualification? 

So, whatever qualification you are going to mention here make sure it is relevant to the position all right. Do not go into such a deep whatever qualification is most relevant tell that. Hardly they're going to ask you three to four questions. And if you are pass they will tell you on the same time your visa is approved and they will give you a one slip and you are done with that within five to seven days your visa will arrive to your home or whatever the delivery option you have chosen it will come to you Okay

Question 8: Have you completed your STC w courses? 

Then overhere if you have completed your STCW courses tell them yes sir I have done them or if not then say It is in process Okay. Do not say no I have not completed because if you're joining date is nearby then they can ask you you don't have enough time to complete now. How will you go and on that basis they can reject your VISA.

Question 9: Do you have any relatives in the USA?

So now guys over here if you have a relative who are living in the USA with a legal forms then you can mention but make sure you have details of them because the moment you will say yes you have relative then they might can ask you the details and In case if you don't have details then who knows in what mode they are right? So if you don't have that simply say no sir I don't have any relatives in the USA Okay.

Guys when you are talking make sure you use ethics make sure you say thanks, could you please all right and when you are going there then please make sure you are well prepared and your hairs are comb don't just go in a funky look there Okay, last but not the least they might can ask you.

Question 10: What is going to be your Job profile?

So over here, the major three key points of your job you can tell them and anyways it is not a job interview question and answer they're going to ask you the simpler ways means by the time they are typing on the computer, they keep on asking the questions. 

Alright, so guys, I hope you found this Blog helpful and please make sure then you like this Blog it really motivates me to keep making such blogs for you guys and if you haven't subscribed till now, make sure you subscribe and please make sure you share this with your friends. It might will help any one of the person who is looking for the same information and you can be a person who is helping and if he wants to talk to me, please make sure you follow me on Instagram and send me your personal messages. And please tell me How was the Blog? Tell me into a comments.

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