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This is Akshay Kumar & I operates this Website CruiseWithAkshay.

All of the visitors are requested to please read the privacy policy stated here before accessing our website CruiseWithAkshay and in case of any disagreement with our policy you are humbly requested not to use our website for the moment and check periodically for any changes in our policies . If you wish to continue browsing our website , it will be taken as your acceptance of our privacy policy .

The non-personal information of a user such as IP address , web viewing pattern of the user , name of the browser used by the visitor or their domain name and purchases made by them via or through our website or our associates is stored by google analytics. We respect the privacy of our users so the personal information of all the user logged in and registered with us is kept highly confidential and will never be made public or shared with others but data may be collected for the purpose of Interest-Based Advertising on the property & Visitors Might will see conspicuous hyper-link to an NAI-approved Opt-Out mechanism for Interest-Based Advertising, such as – here Although your non-personal information may be shared with our media associates and our e-seller partners , so that they can give you a very customised experience of advertisement based on your prior browsing details . And the non-personal information will be shared with our partners and associates with a mutual understanding and non-disclosure or storing of that information and while ensuring that they will use it for no any other purpose other than expressed above .

Our Website Contain's Ads Which is Necessary For Us to maintain the Website,Your personal information will be secured with us when you a fill out a form , subscribe a newsletter , take a survey or place a order on our website . And in case if you do not want to get your personal or non personal information tracked you can opt for that in your browser settings . Be sure that your data will always be secure with us , in any case of security breach informing our users will be our top priority . The third party vendors can show their ad on the webpage of ours , and third party cookies may also pop based on your previous browsing details . Although you can opt out of it , if you wish to do so whille these data will be solely used for the purpose of displaying the ads on the webpages of CruiseWithAkshay while you are browsing it .


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